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Conversational Human-Like Voice Assistants

The Future of AI-Driven Conversations & Client Management

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Innovation At Your Fingertips... Automate, Innovate, Accelerate!

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Chasing Is HARD:

Between servicing clients, answering calls, and responding to emails, it's hard to chase EVERY lead while responding to everyone in SECONDS

Speed To Lead:

If you're not responding to leads AND customers in seconds 24 hours 7 days a week then that lead goes to your COMPETITOR.

Deploy Voice & Text Assistants With Our Native Workflow Builder

Connect & Integrate

Seamlessly connect your Voice and Text Assistants with our all in one business hub hosted in GHL ensuring your business runs smoothly at every touchpoint.

No-Code Customization

Craft complex, multi-step workflows with a simple, drag-and-drop interface. No code required!

Skyrocket With AI Driven Communication

A Solution That Transforms Your Business

Deep Dive Into Your Team

Innovation At Your Fingertips... Automate, Innovate, Accelerate!

Sales Development

This assistant specializes in sales conversations with leads to gauge interest, nurture, qualify, and book appointments directly to your CRM's calendar.

Customer Support

This assistant handles customer queries, provides helpful solutions, and assists with troubleshooting, ensuring a smooth customer experience.


This assistant aids in identifying potential candidates, assessing their qualifications, and analyzing their suitability for open positions.

Account Manager

This assistant reaches out to clients to check on their progress, gather feedback, and offer additional support or services.


This assistant will run an experiment with a lead to learn more about their business, transform to sell their business back to them, and then sell them on their experience.

AI Employee Use Cases

What All Can You Automate Exactly?


Customer Qualification

Determine if prospects qualify to get on a call with you


Scheduling Calls

Have AI schedule appointments


No Show Reschedule

Have AI reschedule no shows


Follow Up

Have AI reach out through sms, email and calls



Have AI gather client info for personalized onboardings


Customer Service

Train AI on every aspect of your business to help clients


Abandoned Carts

Have AI call and reach out to prospects that did not buy


Database Reactivation

Have AI reactivate your lists monthly with new offers


Sales Roleplay

Train your new employees


Digital Employees

Conversational workplace AI assistants


Ad Follow Up

Call and text leads post ad form submission


Client Management

Utilize training data and permanent memory for relationship building

Skyrocket With AI Driven Communication

A Solution That Transforms Your Business

Your AI Team Break Down

Innovation At Your Fingertips... Automate, Innovate, Accelerate!

Connect. Communicate. Convert.

Automated Outreach

AI-powered employees can leverage tools like social media (Facebook), SMS and email to increase revenue, gather feedback, and encourage repeat business.

With FOL's AI Assistants, You Can...

  • Speed up your lead response time to just seconds.

  • Automatically reach out to customers for qualification.

  • Spark interest in new products.

  • Run promotions to encourage repeat business.

Connect. Communicate. Convert.

Qualifies Prospects & Fills Calendars

AI employees handle the legwork of pursuing leads, vetting them, and setting appointments. Enjoy peace of mind as your schedule fills with highly qualified leads ready to purchase.

With FOL's AI Assistants, You Can...

  • Enjoy effortlessly seamless AI-driven bookings without endless email exchanges.

  • Tailor lead qualification to your specific needs.

  • Engage leads post-meeting to maintain their interest.

  • Streamline every stage of your sales process automatically.

Automate. Innovate. Accelerate.

Automate Customer Interactions

Your round-the-clock AI Customer Management System. Seamlessly handle thousands of contacts each second with continuous, real-time engagement.

With FOL's AI Assistants, You Can...

  • Accelerate your lead response time to mere seconds.

  • Easily delegate leads to AI employees with a single click.

  • Provide answers, qualify leads, and get reviews around the clock.

  • Employ a goal-oriented system to keep AI employees focused and effective.

Simplify. Streamline. Succeed.

All-in-One Business Powerhouse

Wave goodbye to the chaos of juggling multiple platforms. Our comprehensive digital ecosystem is designed to consolidate your business tools into one seamless interface.

With FOL's Systems, You Can...

  • Consolidate your marketing and operations tools into one powerful platform

  • Utilize our landing pages, surveys, forms, calendars, and inbound phone system to easily capture & manage leads.

  • Gain access to ai crm's, courses, communities and 24/7 support all included

  • Condense down into ONE streamlined platform

Industry Specific Use Cases

And So Many More Use Cases!

AI Employee Pricing

Enabling YOU To Scale With AI Employees!

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No contract or long term commitment necessary.

Create Unlimited AI Employees

24/7 AI assistants for calling, texting, emailing, booking and task management with human-like interaction.

Automated Outreach

Reach your dream clients on Facebook with automated messaging and follow ups.

All-In-One Business Suite

All-in-one platform featuring CRM, email marketing, sms marketing, sales funnels, and more.

Ethical AI Compliance

Adheres to strict privacy and ethical standards for peace of mind.

24/7 Support Available

24/7 customer support, extensive training materials, and a vibrant community.

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